Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh, the shock

Thank goodness there are some MPs in Westminster who have decent values. Today I talk of EU scrutiny committee chairman Michael Connarty who has said that the EU Constitution Reform Treaty is too "ambiguous" and the committee have express concerns that the document places a legal obligation on national parliaments.

As someone who say through the committee meetings on a couple of occasions, I am delighted that they came up with these conclusions. There was quite clearly an obligation on national parliaments which David Miliband said he would get changed, but of course we have since found out from the House of Lords that the text of the Treaty will not be available to Parliament until after Gordon Brown has scuttled off to Lisbon to sign away yet more of our sovereignty without asking the people who have lent him the power.

Yes, 'lent' you the power, you one eyed lying bastard fuckhead. How dare you. You make my blood boil, you and your little sidekick who obviously isn't old enough to understand four syllable words like sovereignty and referendum. Mind you, when all this was being decided upon he was still running around the playground in short trousers hiding from the girls.

And that was with a minority of the population, who also voted for a manifesto which said you would hold a referendum.

It IS going to hand over yet more power to the unelected EU Commission
It IS going to result in the European Court of Justice having a much larger say over our laws, including over these 'red lines' you say you have secured, which may as well have been drawn in sand for all the good they will do.
It IS going to give legal personality to the EU and it IS going to be a self amending treaty, so who knows where it will end.

However, hopefully it IS going to be the downfall of this godforsaken rabble of rabid shites we call the government.

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