Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's not quite as simple as that

So, the mighty leader Gordon Brown is going to do the right thing by just handing the donations back, is he?

Mr Brown said the money was not lawfully declared
Gordon Brown has said donations to the Labour Party by a property developer through middlemen were "completely unacceptable" and would be repaid.
The prime minister told reporters he had had "no knowledge" of £600,000 of donations from David Abrahams and said they could "not be justified".
"The money was not lawfully declared so it will be returned," he said.

I think I will refer my dear readers to the questions asked by UKIP leader Nigel Farage who, as I'm sure you are aware, is somewhat familiar with the PPRA 2000:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown says that the Labour Party will be returning the six hundred thousand pounds it received wrongly from David Abrahams but who will actually get it?asked UKIP leader Nigel Farage today.

Mr Farage said, "Surely the money cannot be returned to Mr Abrahams because he is not the donor of record. Does that mean it all goes back to the jobbing builder, the secretary and the solicitor?

"The Prime Minister is being a little hasty. It may be that the Electoral Commission will declare these donations as impermissible. In that case the money,ironically,would be returned to the Treasury.

"The Electoral Commission chased UKIP pretty hard in trying to get us to cede early four hundred thousand pounds because a donor did not check he was the electoral register.

"But possibly it may be a different ball game when one of the major parties is involved."

It's a fair question. They let the Labour party off over the cash for honours scandal, they let the Tories off over their dining rooms and getting MPs and MEPs to pay for rooms in CCHQ and the Lib Dems seem not to be suffering from their £2m affair, but UKIP get done for a British bookie who even wears a sports jacket. This time, are they actually going to do their job, or do they just like to kick the smallest boy in the playground?

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