Friday, November 09, 2007

those that wait for that must wait for a shrimp to learn to whistle

'If anyone believes that our smiles involve abandonment of the teaching of Marx, Engles and Lenin he deceives himself. Those who wait for that must wait until a shrimp learns to whistle.'

Nikita Krushchev

And so the EU's own civil service tribunal has found in favour of that scrotum of satan, Lord Kinnock and said that Marta Andreasen was not sacked unfairly.


Fuck off. Do you think I came down in the last shower? You brown nosing eurotwats just want to keep your paymasters happy and not lose your pension by maybe implying that sacking someone for doing her job was not, in hindsight, perhaps a bit of a mistake.

How can anyone take the EU seriously when it thinks that the treatment of Marta Andreasen was fair? Who pays Kinnock and that hideous harridan he calls his wife, whose accounts have not been signed off for 14 years and who think that stopping west african countries from having a fishing industry is a way to help them out of poverty. How can anyone want to be part of this club which restricts our daily freedoms and costs us billions of pounds a year?

The Huntsman has written a lovely piece about the Andreasen case:

The Union Commission puts a higher price on ‘to respect, trust and loyalty’ from its employees than it does on ensuring that Taxpayers’ money is properly spent and is not looted wholesale. The message: “keep very quiet and never, ever, rock the boat”.

Meanwhile the thievery goes on, as the accounts are expected to fail to pass muster yet again and now that any would be thief-taker knows what will happen to them if they try and disturb the activities of the EuroLooters, is likely to continue for ever and a day.

Mrs Andreasen, UKIP's new treasurer, commented on the results of the hearing.
"I have received the news about this judgment with great disappointment,” she said. “The European Commission's arguments have been favoured to the detriment of mine. Justice has not been done and I will appeal to a higher court".

Mrs Andreasen said she found it hard to believe that the judges would find it admissible that the chief accountant of the Commission could be sacked “merely for stating clearly what the European Court of Auditors has done every year for more than a decade."

“I am being treated in a worse fashion than criminals.”

Much worse. She suffered. Criminals in this day and age usually benefit.


Anonymous said...

Why do you get so excited or sound so surprised, sweetheart? Its not as if this kind of behaviour is rare, new, or unusual. Remember getting punched in the face for protesting during the Strasbourg passage of the Consitution first time around?

I've found that closing with the Taliban has cleared the mind massively - cunts, acting as such, are easily resolved by General Puropse Macine Gun fire. Highly recommended as a course of action.

Foxy x

Trixy said...

Ha, had actually forgotten about that! And who was the one person they didn't interview in the investigation into what happened? You've guessed it.

Can I borrow your machine gun next time I go to Strasbourg, then? Not, you understand, to inflict violence or pain of course. I see it as the service section of my Duke of Edinburgh's Gold I never completed....

Trixy x