Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lord knows, I'm not one to gossip...

BUT having watched the latest edition of Question Time, I feel I must.

UKIP hadn't been on Question Time for 8 months, whereas in the same time, Peter Hain had been on four times, Ming Campbell four times, the token ethnic lady from the Tories was on again and again, a historian was on 4 times, there were 8 Daily Mail journalists on, and the same faces popping up again and again. The producer on QT said that they were 'booked up until Christmas' but after an angry phone call from the party, a reluctant Jenny Parks, who used to produce a sunday TV programme which UKIP were never invited on, said there was space for Nigel Farage this evening. Interestingly, they had not confirmed the panel for this evening until earlier today.

I hear that the producer refused to speak to him all evening and Dimbleby himself was very off hand, when previously he had been pleasant. I was not the only one to notice the was that Nigel was very much slighted by the BBC in what they clearly wanted to be a party political broadcast by the Labour Party. Why else would they have two Brown supporters on, including the nasty Paul Myners who donates money to the man who robs your old age and of course is a trustee of the Smith Institute.

Sarah Teather is also a moron. Poor girl, she doesn't understand the difference between immigration and work permits. I would pity her if she didn't have a big salary and make laws that people have to abide by. I think there should be tests for voters, but clearly we have to have exams for would be politicians to make sure people like this don't get power.

And how come Tap Dancing Caroline Flint is Minister for Employment when she's only ever worked for political parties, quangos or the unions? Surely it would be better to have someone in that position who was capable of getting a job in the real world? Or is that just me being idealistic?

So, badly done, Question Time. Don't forget who pays the license fee. Keep your political colours at home and at least have the decency to be polite to people who do actually represent a large number of people in this country. You might not think that people who speak common sense should have a voice on the programme but I disagree. And the number of text messages and phone calls I've had about it would also indicate I am not alone....

p.s Alan Duncan - I've seen the views from the parties on the Philips report into state funding and the Tories are all in favour of it.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Sure, we (UKIP) are not on QT often enough, but I can't remember the last time I saw somebody from The Greens, BNP or Plaid Cymru on QT either.

PS Dead Men don't wear Plaid Cymru.