Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No fiasco or blunder, eh?

Jacqui Smith said that the reason she didn't tell anyone about the fuck up with the migrants working for security companies, including the Metropolitan Police was because she wanted to sort it all out first.

"My approach was that the responsible thing to do was to establish the full nature and scale of the problem and take appropriate action to deal with it, rather than immediately to put incomplete and potentially misleading information in to the public domain."

Bollocks. Bearing in mind that Charles Clarke had to resign over the non deportation of foreign criminals, although of course those from the EU couldn't be because he and his party are shagging the EU Social Model, I would suspect that the reason she kept her gob shut was because she didn't want to be sacked resign.

The number of non-EU migrants given licences were being checked at 4000 a month. In September she set up a task force to see if this could be increased and it was now estimated the checks would be completed by December - "much more quickly than originally planned".

Ms Smith said much had been made in the press about the fact that she had said the "lines to take were not good enough" for press officers or ministers to explain the position in August.

"The fact is that they were not good enough because the analysis of the issue had not been completed."

You mean, you'd fucked up and couldn't come up with a way to blame someone else or wriggle out of it?

I hate this government. They are treacherous, deceitful bastards who should all fuck off and die. Painfully. Because every day they remain in the jobs, getting paid from our taxes, they make our lives more and more miserable. They want to run every aspect of our lives and when we do get some freedom, they think of new ways to stop it. THEY Take our money and waste it and then lie to us about it and they treat us like fucking idiots.

Brand large 'L's' on their forehead so the public can know who we are dealing with, and then let's hang them by their toenails and force them to watch coronation street in Finnish continually for 24 hours a day. Once they are screaming in agony and would rather have their eyes cut out than continue, they can hand write a letter to every person in this country with their own blood, apologising for the disaster they have made for the last ten years.

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