Monday, November 12, 2007

glossing over the facts

I am sure that many of you are aware of my disgust and hatred of the EU, but when I am sent e-mails such as:

it increases even more.

Notwithstanding the fact that it's the 13th year, not the 14th year (maybe he's just planning on sending the same e-mail next year when they aren't signed off) what gets me is that they know it's such a clique that they can trust MEPs, i.e people paid from public money to represent their views, to get a distorted view of what is happening.

Marta Andreasen, the charming former chief accountant of the EU who was suspended in 2002 for doing her job, sacked in 2005 in the same year she won accountant of the year and this year was said to have been fairly dismissed by an employment tribunal, probably wouldn't agree this was an image that should be painted.

She said she could only account for 5% of the EU's budget, that they did not use double entry book-keeping and amendments were made in excel so that changes could not be traced. Yet, she was fired and the EU want to tell the press and the public that things are getting much better and the future is great?

Well, how is it great, sunshine? This is an organisation which costs the UK £30 million a day and yet they can only account for a tiny amount! An organisation which thinks that spending millions of pounds of public money on Galileo, or the CAP in the Sky, is fine and dandy even though the private sector has run a mile from it? Which likes to give money to support corrupt and evil governments in the name of 'eliminating poverty' but then imposes trade barriers and buys up primary stocks to stop the developnment of industries?

I suppose to them it could be worse, and why do the public need to know, eh? They aren't as wise as us here in the EU, or they'd be in on the scam, surely? So the important thing is not to make sure we can trace this money, but to make sure the media aren't mean about it.

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