Thursday, November 29, 2007

Glad I'm not a virgin

I had to go for a smear test the other day. Now, I know that's pretty forthcoming of me to say so, but there is a reason behind me just telling you how my life is progressing.

You see, I had to go check because there is a significant chance I could have cancer. Soon, there will be young women who can get vaccinated against the virus which is known to cause cervical cancer, and it astonishes me that there are parents in the world who would not let their daughters have this, for fear it would encourage them to be promiscuous.

I think that is quite simply astonishingly selfish and a clear indication of someone not being a suitable parent.

I am glad I sleep with people every now and again, because if I didn't I may not have found out that there is something quite wrong with me.

So to all those parents out there who are sanctimonious little shits, I say don't condemn your daughter to a greater risk of a horrible disease. Because even thinking you may have that is quite, quite terrifying and also rather painful.

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Fed up with reading the Times said...

"If I didn't I may not have found out."
MIGHT, not may. Times reporters are always getting this wrong.