Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gender Balancing - what a load of crap

I'm a woman of the female gender so I'm allowed to say this. Gender Balancing? Give me strength. Discrimination on the basis of gender is deeply insulting and, when it come to Question Time panels, rather unnecessary.

This latest PC nonsense has be brought to my attention because UKIP leader Nigel Farage was supposed to be on QT this week, live from a church hall somewhere ghastly, I should imagine. But they called him up to say that they were moving him to another date because of the financial news and they wanted an economist. Fair enough, although I think that having a politician on the panel who worked in the city and in futures especially for 20 odd years would add an interesting dimension to the other voices of people who are just going to spout voter friendly flannel.

Note who they kept on, though:

David Dimbleby will be joined in Birmingham by Jacqui Smith MP, Charles Kennedy MP, Janet Street-Porter and two other guests to be confirmed.

Janet Street-fucking-Porter.
Because of gender balance.

Here's an idea: how about keeping on the people with the experience and the decision making ability and getting a female economist on? The fabulous Ruth Lea, for example. And then on top of gender balancing, you'll have a very bright woman in the 'clever' slot rather than the woman in the typical woman-type role.

And also someone who will point out that the European Commission had to approve the Bradford and Bingley state aid.


Dave said...

Bravo Trixy.
When will people see that quotas only serve to over-promote women and ethnic minorities?
Look at the current shower in government. All, repeat, all of the women ministers are operating way above their level of competence. The only reason they're in Parliament is because the local constituencies were prevented from putting able and talented men up for selection.
Is it any wonder that we're in this mess?
Call me misogenist, a dinosaur, etc. I've worked for good female bosses and bad ones. The good ones got there on merit, not because the system was biased in their favour.

Vindico said...

The show is now surely unbalanced as the producers have shown they don't have any balls?
This really pisses me off. I'll re-balance their gender!