Thursday, October 16, 2008

A heel of an upset

Two shoe stories on two consecutive days; what a lucky little Trixy I am. Today is the story of Miss Tina Knight, a successful business woman who was awarded the Woman in Business Award by Margaret Thatcher in 1988. She rewarded her hard work and success by building up a collection of 200 pairs of high heeled shoes. Well done her, I say. I have made a good headway into my vast collection of shoes which I funded through the fruits of my labour.

She has hit the headlines again because she will be awarded damaged after slipping on a puddle of water in the baggage reclaim area of Stansted Airport because the injuries she sustained included broken limbs and a broken toe which means she can only now wear flat shoes.

Netch, the story is revolving around her shoe collection which I think is wrong as it allows people to say 'She's been awarded damages because she can't wear her high heels anymore'. Maybe that's the plan, who knows.

As she says, broken limbs are the main reason why she should be awarded damages: if Rentokil Initial Facilities Services (UK) Ltd who were awarded the cleaning contract at Stansted Airport leave pools of water all over the floor then it's their fault and they should pay to compensate for the pain, upset and downright inconvenience they have caused someone.

Should the fact she can't wear high heels be brought into account when considering the damages? Damn right, I say. She's minus a choice and a passion other women have on a day to day basis through no fault of her own, regardless of how 'luxury' her collection may be.

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