Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yet more financial market hypocrisy

So, the members of UNITE who don't have jobs to go to are prancing around Birmingham in bowler hats and pig masks protesting at donations given to the Conservative Party by people who work in hedge funds. Aside from the fact that most people don't wear bowler hats anymore, and pig masks are more suited to members of the Cabinet and trade union official, it beggars belief how dumb these people are.

From the press association:

Unite also launched an advertising campaign accusing Tory leader David Cameron of being "cheesy and sleazy" and claiming that the Opposition was cashing in on the credit crunch.

The union, which has 180,000 members working in financial services, has complained of a "deafening silence" from the Conservatives over how to tackle the economic crisis.

Said a friend of mine "I think cheesy and sleazy is probably giving Cameron too much credit" but even so.

Unite has 180,000 working in financial services, does it? Who presumably use their salary to give money to UNITE for their subs? UNITE who, according to the Electoral Commission
register of donations
, have given a total of £6,003,929.09 in 226 donation to The Labour Party.

Doesn't that mean the Labour Party have been profiting through those nasty people in the City of London who work in financial services? Surely it does! Not to mention those mean businesses who pay lots of tax to the government for them to waste on their petty vanity projects?

Shame on them.

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Dave said...

These people make me despair. Douglas Adams had the right attitude. Ship them off to another galaxy. Anywhere but here.
Surely it's work investing in the space programme so we can get rid of these scum and bottom feeders?

btw, there one person in the US who writing sense over the Senate's cave in to bush-enomics