Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh really.

Do you remember back in 1985 Bob Geldof wanted Margaret Thatcher to knock off the VAT on the Band Aid single?

Well, blow me down with a feather if Alastair Darling hasn't gone and done just that for the X Factor Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes single.
Chancellor Alistair Darling announced today that the Government will waive VAT on the sale of the X Factor finalists' charity single Hero.

Except that he hasn't, has he.
An exceptional one-off charitable donation will be made, equivalent to the sum of the VAT receipts collected on its sales.

You see what he did there? He said he'd do something, then in the next line he said he'd do something else on the same topic but not the same as the original and hope that people wouldn't notice.
Mr Darling said he wanted to ensure that every penny people pay for the record goes to support the work of Help For Heroes, who provide care for men and women wounded in the line of service.

Ignoring the fact that he missed out one of the charities (one of the biggest in the UK but hey, he's in charge of 17 banks, who am I to argue?) he's just said another porky.

Because whilst he may be donating 17.5% of the total raised from the track from tax payers money; something I think we have all realised he's rather proficient at spending, it's not the VAT. Because that money will be going to the EU because VAT is one of the EU's own resources which it doesn't have to get from those pesky council meetings with Heads of State. And the British Prime Minister.

Rather like that whole David Cameron nonsense with VAT and small business, MPs won't admit that VAT is controlled by the EU.

So really, what the Chancellor is doing here is trying to raise his own popularity by appearing to support troops injured by the war he voted for using money which isn't his and lying about where it's coming from.

Classy, Darling.

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Obnoxio The Clown said...

Most people won't see the difference. However, this is exceptionally cuntish, because it's going to be reducing skoolznhospitalz money from some other source to make the donation and the EU still get the VAT.

The taxpayer gets a joyous double penetration, Darling looks kind and generous ... trebles all round!