Saturday, October 25, 2008

There has to be a reason

I've often wondered what it is which drives our politicians to hand over so much power to the EU. I've thought this was odd behaviour because I'd presumed that politicians were power hungry savages.

DK has reminded us of one of his eloquent phrases:

As I have said repeatedly, socialism is about taking property from those who have earned it and handing it to those who have not. It is theft, pure and simple, and no amount of whining about fucking "social justice" will ever detract from that fact.

I was thinking about this, and then I started thinking about Daniel Craig which is understandable, I think:

Which then reminded me of the first production I saw him in, which was a TV adaptation of Daniel Defoe's novel 'The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders'. In this, Moll Flanders perfects the art of being a rich lady in order to secure a rich husband who will provide her with security.

It's all an illusion, you see, but does it matter? Especially once she's married, what's the difference if she has a penny or not because the deed is done.

And I think that a combination of illusion and the theft of socialism is what drives politicians to hand over power to the EU. The only way they can get through their totalitarian measures is through a higher organisation than a directly elected and accountable national parliament which no one pays attention to. Believing as they do in getting something for nothing, they also have no problems with handing over the duties they were elected to do to other people, provided they still get paid the same. In the UK, not only do they get paid the same, they are getting more money for less work because the majority of people in this country and the national media are quietly slumbering whilst the EU legislates.

MPs still get paid, housing allowances, to go on TV and write in their local papers, meet dignitaries; all the 'trappings' which come with being elected to Westminster in this day and age. But without actually having to do most of the work.

It's the same money for a fraction of the work, and almost everybody is none the wiser so you get treated the same as if you actually were an MP who could affect big decisions.

When you think about it, if you were the sort of person who hates most people they ever meet, who thinks nothing of taking money earned from hard working people and essentially setting fire to it and you have no concept of responsibility or democracy, it all rather makes sense.

However, I'd rather MPs weren't actually like that. If you don't mind.


James Higham said...

And I think that a combination of illusion and the theft of socialism is what drives politicians to hand over power to the EU.

Nice logical sequence, Trixy.

Pugh said...

Yes, record Xmas hols for the bastards.

Not that we heard a peep out of most of them during the banking crisis - they didn't even ask for a recall of Parliament.

Perhaps they didn't want to get involved...