Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hackney council to start book burnings?

Listening to the Today programme this morning I heard an item which shocked even cynical old Trixy. In summary, an author had a long standing arrangement with Hackney Library to launch his yet-to-be-published book, at their invitation. Just a small launch in a community facility for an author who takes a keen interest in local affairs.

So why did the council order the library to halt the plans? Because, in previous articles, the AUTHOR HAD BEEN CRITICAL of the Olympics.


I'm critical of the Olympics on an almost daily basis because I think they're being organised by a group of people whom we know we can't trust, especially with money: politicians. But on what level does this mean he shouldn't be allowed to read some of his book in a local facility which he helps fund through his taxes? Along, of course, with the Olympics he dares to speak out against. Taxes don't take into account personal preferences of the payer, do they.

Who are these petty local government pen pushers who look longingly at the totalitarian measures our government are putting into place and seek to emulate them.


What level of mental capacity and awareness do you have to sink to to get a job in Hackney council these days? Nothing to do with intelligence and independence of thought and a blind devotion to the great leader and the little red book are clearly the only requirements.

Even worse, but no less surprising, is that the council decided to release a statement defending their decision in which they pretended to know the contents of the book, even though it has not been published. It actually doesn't mention the bloody Olympics, but so fucking what if it did? It's about freedom of speech and freedom of expression, ideas which clearly passed Hackney Council workers by like ships in a different bloody ocean. These jumped up fanatics have followed so many politicians before them by mistaking public services and property with their own little fiefdoms and the people of Hackney who pay their wages need to remind them of that. Demand that the reading is reinstated and the council issue an apology for straying into such totalitarian territory and trying to excuse their behaviour.

Because as much as we say to ourselves that such behaviour in the western world, like controlling what people think are acceptable opinions to hold and voice or the writing of books which criticise, actions such as this prove that it's slipping through our fingers like sand running through the hourglass and it's no good relying on someone else to stop the flow. We have to stand up and be counted to protect our liberty like those who died for it not so long ago.

And in the meantime, we have another recipient of an inscribed copy of 1984. I'll sign this one: the gist of the message will be 'fuck off and die; for the sake of liberty and freedom'. But they probably won't understand.

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Ex-Pat Alfie said...

Stop stirring Trixy.
The good people of Hackney know their place, even if you do not.