Saturday, October 11, 2008

Celebrities for silver spandex

Waiting for strictly come dancing to come on the telly I discovered this new tv programme which, from what I can tell, consists of 'celebrities' dressing up in right aluminium foil and being thrown into a pool of water.

As viewers can tell, it has all the requirements for crap Saturday early evening television, including Dale "is he gay" Winton, a tv audience kept alive by e numbers from their tv dinners combined with intravenous ovaltine drips and the static electricity produced when too many polyester slacks are found in the same enclosed area.

But I am trying to discover if this clip is worth my license fee alone:

I can hear the bloodlust from here. Well, who wouldn't want to see the fear in that sanctimonious harridan's eyes as she sees a fairly svelte shape bearing down on her bottom which no amount of 'celebrity fat club' can hide once entombed in silver spandex.

I will leave you with this delightful treat from our cousins across the pond:

They must have been falling over themselves laughing when they sent that shape out...

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