Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lib Dems: do they keep a bandwagon parked in their garage?

The Lib Dems really are so predictable. All you need to do is say a few key words to them, even out of context or with no background information and they behave like a well trained labrador who performs for the promise of food.

The latest example is in reference to Nigel Farage's interview with Total Politics magazine where he said that the politician he considered his political hero was Enoch Powell.

True to form Chris Huhne got on his high horse, in my head he's foaming at the mouth, saying that he chose a "second-rate politician whose only ability to get into the headlines was based on a revolting dalliance with racism."

Conveniently ignoring that Powell was actually one of the most forward thinking politicians of his time, Huhne, someone paid to make decisions for the country, decided to focus on a tiny aspect of Powell's political career.

Powell was a true Liberal who, Nigel Farage says "was the most sincerely and geninely small state MP we've had since the war."

His reasons for this, which I'm surprised the Lib Dems don't agree with*, are the fact that he voted to Liberalise the laws on homosexuality, he opposed the death penalty because he didn't think the state should hold that much power. He resigned from the treasury in opposition to the expansion of the PSBR and he was in favour of low tax and regulation; something I wish more of our rulers, and MPs, of course, were in favour of.

Of course, I completely understand that they are not fans of his total opposition to the Common Market, which he did because he knew where it would lead us: down the road to an undemocratic socialist wannabe superstate.

On his famous "rivers of blood" speech, there are plenty of examples which highlight how race relations have not been handled brilliantly by successive governments, including proof that certain groups of people, at certain times, have felt aggrieved.

Rightly or wrongly, this is the case.

Highly strung lib dems please note: the examples linked to are examples of riots between different ethnic groups.

*Given they're supposed to be Liberal and Democratic if we are to believe their name and not report them to trading standards...

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