Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Communism good, Fascism bad?

According to the EU, anyway.

Once again the people of Austria have spoken and the big winners this time were the far right parties. Trixy remembers back in 1999 the outrage at the legislative elections in the media over people using their democratic vote to elect a party who were anti immigration and anti EU. This, of course, resulted in sanctions from the EU who only like left wing extremists:

In 2000, Haider's Freedom Party and the People's Party joined to form a coalition government. This caused widespread outrage both in Austria and the rest of Europe. The heads of government of the other fourteen EU members decided to cease cooperation with the Austrian government, as it was felt in many countries that the cordon sanitaire against coalitions with parties considered as right-wing extremists, which had mostly held in Western Europe since 1945, had been breached. For several months, other national leaders refused to shake hands and socialize with members of the Schüssel government.

In February 2000 the European Parliament debated the Council Presidency objections to Haider:
Portuguese Minister for European Affairs, Francisco SEIXAS DA COSTA, began the debate for the Council by setting out the position of the other 14 member states towards the possibility of the Freedom Party joining the Austrian government. No bilateral links would be promoted or accepted between the 14 and Austria, he said, if the Freedom Party entered the government and Austrian ambassadors would only be received at a technical level.. The inclusion of the Freedom Party in a government in Vienna, he said, would mean a failure to respect the common values of the EU. He believed that the comments of the party's leader Jörg HAIDER on issues such as the Nazis and immigrants were clearly contrary to these essential values. Answering the charge that this represented interference in Austria's internal affairs and the free choice of its voters Mr Da Costa stated that the great majority of Austrians were opposed to the Freedom Party and that fundamental human rights were no longer simply part of the internal affairs of member states. The EU was not just an economic entity but had underlying principles of democracy. The choice of a government including the Freedom Party could not be without consequences, he concluded.

In the debate by MEPs, UKIP's Jeffrey Titford spoke up to say that whilst he did not agree with some of the views held by the Freedom Party it was not the role of the EU to interfere with the internal elections of democratic states. "What would happen, I ask, if the first few MPs that UKIP had went into a coalition with a Conservative government? Would you want to impose sanctions then?" To which, British Lab MEPs shouted out 'yes'...

Sanctions were removed when the coalition removed their opposition to the European Union. The anti-immigration stuff was allowed, it was their objection to the hideous monstrosity which is the EU that they had a problem with.

60% of people in Austria voted for parties which don't agree with the Lisbon Treaty, but it's fairly pointless since the country has already ratified it. Of course, if the people of Ireland vote NO again (and doesn't that just really make you want to go and shake europhiles until they show signs of actually grasping democracy: they can only accept democratic votes if it produces and answer they're in favour of. But if the people speak up and say 'NO' to an aspect of their sick, twisted, dangerously socialist minds they are in uproar and start blaming the 'ignorance of the voter' and 'the lies of the opposition'.

And why should the people of Ireland vote again? If the result had been yes there would not have been one fucking Commissioner admitting to the lies, damned lies and abuse of the tax payer through propaganda which achieved the result, and calling for a second vote.

Because that's the problem with the EU which people simply aren't getting to grips with. And they really should be. Straight bananas and ladder legislation are just symptoms of the sickening disease which is European Federalism. Like Ebola it eats away at the host until all that is left is a lifeless body, killed by a million directives.

Austrian people must learn to understand that whilst they might not like mass immigration into their country, might want back power handed over by their puppet leaders to the EU, they simply aren't allowed it. Just as Ireland will be told that they are not allowed to vote against the Lisbon Treaty and the people of the UK will be forbidden from having any referendum (let's not forget the intergovernmental meetings with some of our EU relatives to ensure we were not given the chance to vote NO).

Of course, Communism is alive and well in the EU and that is allowed. There's the leader of the German Communists in that group, along with the Sinn Fein MEPs. Oh yes, Communism which murdered millions over decades is permitted, because it's close to the socialist ideal held by the EU. But it's brother, fascism, just as equally as hateful, is not allowed. Nazis, of course, who are national socialists.

I hate both sides; I think they are authoritarian fuckbangers who are determined to ruin the lives of everyday people to feather their own nest. I consider them to be dangerous, hypocritical nutjobs who should be kept well away from positions of authority. But what I can't understand is why one side is allowed and why one side isn't. Is it because the right is the eurosceptic side? But then some of the best speeches in favour of Ireland voting NO were made by Mary-Lou McDonald. Whatever, the view of the EU is that they must be stopped because they want states to be states and not federalist whereas Communists are keen for us all to be merged together?

At the same time, I think that people should be allowed to vote for who they want to and I don't see how it is the job of EU Commissioners who, let alone be elected, aren't known by the majority of 'citizens' of the EU whom they govern, to comment upon and take action against.

What I do know is that sometimes people vote for these extremist parties because they feel that the 'moderates' i.e the political establishment who don't care about much but rather like the status quo, aren't paying them any attention. It's a shock value, a message to the people they used to vote for that they feel they are being ignored, that the issues they are concerned about are not being address. And what better two than the EU and immigration in any of the wealthy EU nation states?

But, you know what? I'm happy for the EU to impose sanctions again, to ignore the democratic decisions of the people who pay their wages, to bulldoze through democracy. Because short term they might feel that they are winning, but in the long run it will bring about their downfall much quicker than if they behaved like normal, rational people.

I am adamant that until the EU has fallen, we cannot live in a libertarian society where free speech, democracy and equality are pillars which no-one would dare threaten.

*how long do we give it before the EU-loving left are jumping up and down saying I'm in favour of fascism....oh, not long, given their record and love of inaccurate reporting.

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