Monday, July 07, 2008

Do as I say, not as I do...

On the anniversary of the smoking ban, I popped into the Strangers bar of the House of Commons and took this little video...


Fucking hypocrites


Andrew said...

Oh please, the smoking ban is the best thing Labour have done. No more stinking smokers blowing fumes in your face, not smelling like a bonfire at the end of the night, no selfish bastards polluting one's lungs with their cancer sticks... Marvellous.

Trixy said...

Regardless of whether you think it's a good thing or a bad thing, the fact is that they don't abide by legislation which they themselves make. Surely you can see that?

I happen to think that emulating Nazi Germany is not a particularly good thing. Neither is enacting legislation which is closing down small businesses up and down the country; which are focal points of communities and points of historical interest.

Love it or hate it, the fact of the matter is that you non smokers just don't drink enough.

Andrew said...

Of course it is hypocritical! But that's what politicians DO, sweetheart. Socialist politicians become such in order to (i) meddle in the affairs of others out of a sense of moral superiority; and (ii) impose their enlightened morals on others from atop an ivory tower, safely cocooned from the repercussions of their actions [cf. Harperson's stab vest as the most literal illustration of this - that thing screamed "metaphor"]. They were almost certainly bullied at school. I'm not sure how this is news to you in any way....

I don't know one smoker who has stopped going to pubs because they can't smoke inside. The poor nicotine-addicted creatures just go outside and puff away furtively. And I laugh. Besides, if pubs ARE losing custom, it suggests there is something about their service which isn't satisfying the demands of their customers, so they need to adapt.

And the Nazis built good roads.

[And I'm a Royal Welch Fusilier. Smoker or not, with alcohol I session like a god.]

Trixy said...

But, my love, let's face it. You are a bit of an anti smoking fascists. And I say that with love. I suspect the reason you don't know any smokers who have given up going into pubs it manyfold:

1) You don't live in the UK
2) You don't know many smokers
3) You don't often go into pubs
4) The deal with smokers and the smoking ban is about frequency and duration (as with so many things)
5) You love to be right all the time.

Still, You're cute so I'll just focus on the fact that you're so right about the socialists.


John A said...

Heck, all pols do this. With almost everything. US Congresscritters can ignore OSHA Health-and-Safety regulations, minimum-wage laws, sex-discrimination [note not sexual-harrasment though] laws, Environmental Protection Agency rules, and a host of other stuff as long as it somehow relates to their elected position. It is routine to write in exclusions.

Reactionary Snob said...

A veritable zinger, my sweet.

I intend to return to the blogosphere in the next few weeks.

Love, or what you will,


Fidothedog said...

Utter contemptable bastards the lot of them.