Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hugh Muir in the Guardian still has a field of Maris Pipers on his shoulder regarding UKIP.

Once again, he's tried to fabricate a split in the party, this time by failing to understand the difference between 'discrimination' and 'encouragement'.

This does look somewhat familiar to an e-mail sent to Mr Spink by a less than savoury character who was allegedly outed by BNP leader Nick Griffin on a BBC undercover programme and who UKIP have had to call the police over regarding his keen interest in copyright and fabricating press releases and pretending they are from party leaders and the such.

The reply from the UKIP MP was perfectly simple and not quite what Mr Muir implied:
'While I think more women would be good for most parliaments, and I encourage them to step forward to be selected, I also think the best person should be selected, on their own merits.' said the UKIP MP.
Which is supposed to contrast with the views of Godfrey Bloom that "Positive discrimination is still discrimination, so selection on the basis of sex or race is indeed sexist or racist,"

Don't really see the difference myself, but perhaps that's why I don't write for the Guardian?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I can't see the difference either.