Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tories try to cover their tracks

I notice a letter from the new Tory leader in Brussels, Philip bullshitBushill-Matthews MEP, talking about the need for 'centre right' MEPs to get together to block measures in the European Parliament which will spring from the French Presidency.

Never mind that most of these, including the Returns Directive and the Working Time Directive have been discussed and in some cases, voted on before, and that MEPs sitting with he Tories in the EPP-EP have as much desire to vote against them as they do to close down the brothels near the European Parliament.

Mr Bushill Matthews writes:

A number of sensitive legislative dossiers are expected to be concluded within this six-month mandate, including two of particular importance to Britain: the Temporary Workers Directive and the review of the Working Time Directive. The blocking minority carefully put together by Tony Blair has collapsed under Gordon Brown. Now that both dossiers are back on the table it will be up to the European Parliament to determine the way forward. The omens are not good. Fortunately, centre-Right MEPs from all 27 EU member states will meet in Paris tomorrow to engage in extensive debate with the French government. This is the first time that such a high-level meeting has taken place at the start of a presidency. We shall need all the friends we can get.

Which sounds rather similar to a story first given to the Mail on Sunday which they didn't print because it was attacking the Tories, and was then run in the Sunday Times:
British MEPs are joining a 200-strong European parliament jaunt to Paris this week, costing the taxpayer up to £200,000.

The three-day trip, organised by the European People’s party (EPP), a centre-right group, will include dinner at the Palais de Versailles and a champagne boat trip down the Seine.

You will, of course, notice that the article does not mention that the British MEPs going on this luxury trip, including dinners in two Michelin starred restaurants and staying in luxury hotels are from the Tory party. They will probably include the MEPs who have made millions from misusing their allowances who have yet another opportunity to have their porky lifestyle paid for by the British tax payer, whilst telling the British public, assisted ably by the MSM, that they really are the defenders of all things British.

Still, nice of old Bullshit to write to the Telegraph to put our minds at rest. If he feels the need to be defensive in his attack then we can rest assured they really won't be doing any work. Perhaps we should all write to our Tory MEP and asked them what actual benefit they secured for us by spending our money on this trip. Benefits that, say, we could not have secured by governing ourselves?

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