Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't do as I say, or 'A song I rather like'

Now, I'm not really up on modern day music; Well, what you kids would call 'popular' music for I consider Rachmaninoff modern. And despite my normal routine of ignoring them when someone, particularly a boy, tells me something is very good, I can't with this one.

When the Beefcake used to read me snippets of Wodehouse I used to giggle to myself but something stopped me from grabbing the book and reading it myself, despite knowing that he was quite right and that Wodehouse was an absolute Genius. It was a refusal to be one of those people who just like the music, films or books that their boyfriend does. Of course, a few years later and I am devouring Woodhouse like an anorexic who has just realised that, far from fat, they'd look good in a Lowry painting and it might be time to start eating cakes again.

So when my elite, Roman friend played me this song one evening I tried my hardest not to like it. But, a week later it's been played quite a few times on my iPod. It's very annoying.

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