Friday, July 25, 2008

Stopping IVF?

Before I start this, a disclaimer: I don't want children and I can't understand why anyone would.*

Trixy doesn't think anyone should get fertility treatment on the NHS. It's not essential medical treatment and there are people out there not getting treatment for cancer so they have to pay for it themselves and I think that's more important than assisting 'reproductively challenged' people. Sorry if that offends, but that's how it is.

However, if we do currently offer IVF to couples then I don't think that the anti smoking Nazis should be able to deny people treatment because they don't conform to their incredibly dull lifestyles they all want us to live.

"The evidence on smoking isn't conclusive, but there is research showing it can affect ovulation."
said Professor Peter Braude, a leading fertility specialist based at Kings College London.
But that won't stop ZaNu Labour for one second. They HATE smokers, hate anyone who gets invited down a pub to have a drink because they don't and hate people who say 'fuck it' and demolish a bar of dairy milk in one sitting.

Never mind the fact that smokers basically fund the NHS through the duty imposed on cigarettes. I mean, if they hated it that much they'd ban smoking outright, wouldn't they? But they don't. They just treat us like pariahs and use us as cash cows. We pay above and beyond for treatment they wish to deny to us, but there's the mental block with these people: they don't equate liberty and choice with the fairness or, indeed, the NHS.

I only wish that smoking did affect fertility but I've had very little proof to show that it does. A good friend of mine smokes about 40 a day, he used to smoke about 60, and he has 4 children. Another person I knew when I worked in Brussels had nine children and was a keen smoker. In fact, the only person I know who is having trouble producing ground game is a non smoker. Perhaps they should take up the habit as it seems to work wonders for my friends. Unless, of course, the whole thing about smoking and fertility is just absolute bullshit and it's another way for this hateful administration to discriminate against anyone who doesn't fit into their ideal of the perfect British citizen...

You might not like smoking, but I don't like ugly, smelly people. I don't like people who wear Old Spice and think that pacamacs are, were or ever will be a fashionable item. But that's your choice to look and smell like that, and it's my choice to have a cigarette. And next time you moan about not liking the smell of someone's smoke, before you moan and ask them to put it out even though they're standing in the open air, stop and think: maybe you smell like an incontinent old donkey, and the smoker is just trying to mask the smell?

*well, I did say to one person I would have his children.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

"and think that pacamacs" word missing?

BTW, smoking does not decrease fertility. Apparently drinking lots of coffee does (altho' maybe that's only men?).

Neither worked for me, I'm afraid, as evidence by my four children.

So drinking like a fish wouldn;t appear to help either.