Monday, July 07, 2008

I want...a shrubbery!

The Knights who say 'Ni!' have clearly regrouped in Bristol. I say this because I read that plans to trim the undergrowth in Bristol Downs may be

potentially discriminating against gays and bisexual men
according to the 'rainbow group' who are consulted by the council, it seems, on matters cottaging.

I thought that sex in a public place was illegal, but who am I to get in the way of people looking for anonymous sex in a shrubbery. Who, indeed, are the police to stop such a thing? It's all about rights, innit. Or something.

I did have a quick word with my GBF Minge who initially expressed surprise that shagging in public places, including Royal Parks, may not be that legal, in the sense, as I informed him, that it was illegal. His rebuke that 'it's not shagging children, you know' did help me feel better about what he may or may not get up to, but that's illegal in more ways than one.

Anyway, I am quite surprised they may feel discriminated against because as Minge rightly said, 'gay men don't like bushes.'

'Straight men don't like too much undergrowth either' I replied.

Clear cut decision on getting the secateurs out, I think.

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