Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Politics of War

Are we surprised that the arrest of Karadzic has been announced the same morning as a meeting of EU foreign ministers? Trixy really isn't.

The capture and dealing with of war crimes was something required by Serbia should leaders and aspiring politicians wish to scoff at the EU trough. This was reiterated by that infant masquerading as our Foreign Secretary who said the arrest,

"pave the way for a brighter, European future for Serbia and the region".

What else should we expect from a man desperate to hand over every last ouncegram of our sovereignty to an unelected foreign bureaucracy. Surely the tower beckons soon?

Don't misunderstand me: I am glad the cunt is going to be locked up.
Who could not, given that some 8000 Muslim men and boys were bound, shot and thrown in mass graves and the siege of Sarajevo by the Serbs resulted in the loss of another estimated 10,000.

And I'm not even surprised that politicians use the deaths of thousands to further their own causes. After all, to get that far in politics one needs to have had some kind of moral lobotomy.

I'm also not surprised that no mention has been made by these Foreign Ministers of the role the EU troops played in the massacre, standing around whilst the atrocities took place. Let's face it, talking about the EU's military ambitions is rather like sex in Victorian times: they all want to do it, they are getting on with it, but certainly no one talks about such things.

In contrast to the statements by Mr Miliband and the French Presidency of the EU, who said it was:
"an important step on the path to the rapprochement of Serbia with the European Union."

and Jose Manuel Barrosa, who called it
A very positive development...It proves the determination of the new Serbian government to achieve full cooperation with the ICTY. It is also very important for Serbia's European aspirations,

The Americans actually said something about what it meant for the people who suffered, rather than what the foreign community could gain from it:
"The timing of the arrest, only days after the commemoration of the massacre of over 7,000 Bosnians committed in Srebrenica, is particularly appropriate, as there is no better tribute to the victims of the war's atrocities than bringing their perpetrators to justice," the
White House Press Secretary said. Quite.

Of course, Serbia who really do need to be rewarded for no longer hiding this murderer, should now be welcomed into the EU.

But, oh! We'll need the Lisbon Treaty for that. I do hope the Irish wouldn't be so selfish as to hold them back....

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