Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Double Standards we are expected to understand

The message emanating from this country is now striking: be a terrorist with links to one of the most hunted men in the world and you'll be about to live with your family in a large house paid for my the tax payer.

Be a British citizen and fend for yourself.

Because that's the difference in the situation between Abu Qatada, Al Qaeda's right hand man in Europe and Andrew Symeou, the 19 year old facing extradition to Greece.

The Courts have said that under the European Convention on Human Rights, Qatada cannot be extradited to Jordan, where he has been found guilty of terror attacks and bomb plots, because evidence used against him may have been collected by use of torture.

Conversely, the statements signed by the young friends of Andrew Symeou were obtained by punching, slapping and threatening by the Greek police, so they told the British Consulate in Zante. And yet, because it's a European Arrest Warrant, so long as the boxes are ticked Symeou is facing extradition for a crime he has not been convicted of and for which no prime facie evidence has been produced except statements obtained by torture. He could be detained for 18 months without charge.

Qatada, who has been convicted, doesn't get locked up in a nasty prison cell and has his fat arse and his family paid for my you and me.

Greece are in the EU, you see, so we can't criticise them. Oh no. We can criticise America but we aren't allowed to say that the country we help fund via the EU has a legal system and a view of civil liberties which is on par with countries in the middle east.

We can send one of our own to face misery and the possibility of an unfair, unjust conviction, but someone who has been found guilty of terrorism can wander up and down the streets of London drinking fizzy pop and claiming incapacity benefit for an injury which is sceptical to say the least.

This is what is wrong with this fucking country. It's being run by sandal wearing lentil eaters who care more about the rights of criminals than they do about their actual responsibilities. And it makes me fucking sick, it really does. But they'll get away with it because the British public have such a short term memory and a complicated case which involves someone outside Westminster doing something is too complicated for most journalists and certainly their editors who don't like to admit that whilst they've been climbing the journalistic ladder, the power to govern our country has been handed away under their very nose.

Both these cases are because of our membership of the European Union. But one is easier to understand and bandy around than the other. Why bring up the European Arrest Warrant when we have to admit this had 3 party consensus in Brussels and only those 'nutters' in UKIP voted against it? Oh, and it hardly got a mention in the press because it didn't involve some front bench politician, a house full of cameras and weirdos or some washed up, fucked up drug addict celebrity flashing her Mary.

It's no wonder I can't make it to the end of a newspaper without either correcting it or flinging it across the room.

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