Friday, July 04, 2008

Fighting for real justice?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the European Arrest Warrant and how if we are going to talk about Magna Carta and all this liberty, let's not have a discussion about a fortnight being held without charge but on the bigger picture.

Well, here's something for us to talk about.

19 year old Andrew Symeou faces extradition to Greece under the new streamlined European Arrest Warrant on the suspicion of the manslaughter of Jonathan Hiles.

Jonathan died after a fight in a nightclub in Zante which the Greek police are trying to pin on Andrew. The only evidence they have is two statements in Greek which were
signed by Andrew's friends after they were beaten up. When they were able to, these statements were retracted.

In Greece, Andrew could be held for up to 18 months without charge and with no guarantee of a fair trial.

More information is at the Justice for Symeou website.

Anyone who can should support Andrew and his bid for a fair trial in this country by showing up at the City of Westminster Magistrates Court at 9.30 on Monday, 7th July.

This is not a publicity stunt by a politician, this is the future for a young man who deserves the right to a fair trial.

It's a shame that only UKIP MEPs voted against this arrest warrant, of course.

UPDATE: I am not going to publish comments which I think are defamatory.

I did not write this post to argue for and against the case. What I am saying is that I do not think that Andrew Symeou should be extradited to Greece to face charges. Having studied international law there is reason enough for Britain should have jurisdiction in this case. And in this country, at least before the EU ignores the Irish vote and we hand over control of our justice and home affairs to Brussels, someone under suspicion for manslaughter would not be locked up for up to 18 months without charge.

If David Davis really does believe in this cause he has resigned over and it's not just a stunt, then he will be at the Magistrates Court. Someone with his profile could raise this situation.

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Vindico said...

I might be able to make this on Monday morning. Who are we planning to have there?