Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gordon Warns

The international community not to engage in a protectionist backlash

But is fully supportive of a supranational organisation which decides our trade policy for us, subsidised industries in the EU which can't be bothered to compete on the world stage because they are socialist and which wholeheartedly rejects free trade which makes us all rich.

So once again he's a hypocritical fuckwit with no concept of economics.



Vindico said...

Maybe its a coded message. The rule is 'do the opposite of whatever Brown does and you'll be ok'.

Anonymous said...

broon speaks

broon searches

broon finds his brain

Anonymous said...

He really doesn't understand politics very well, does he. Bless.

Anonymous said...

Don't limit it to politics.
The stupid b*st*rd understands nothing except how to be a bare faced liar.