Wednesday, May 14, 2008

at least 18 months more

I have the unfortunate job of having to read the 87 pages of spin entitled the 'Draft Legislative Programme'. It's clearly written by the sales department and contains nothing meaty in it, apart from the usual communist ideas of 'if you're poor enough and work for us we'll help you buy a house' and 'we must bankrupt this country in the name of climate change by 2050'.

But it does seem to signify that we'll be having a general election in 2010 rather than 2009 because they have lots of things they are announcing in the early part of 2010. Which is a shame.

And what gets me is that there will still be millions of, apparently mentally retarded people, who will vote for them to get into power again!

Although voting for the Tories is only voting for a change of management. By then, the Lisbon Treaty will be in place and the Tories won't want to do anything about that because they love the EU.

It's so depressing. I'll have to cheer myself up with the knowledge that a few more years of being in the EU and led by Communists and soon I will be able to claim political asylum somewhere.


Anonymous said...

We'll join you. How about somewhere in the South Seas?

Trixy said...

Somewhere lovely and sunny with a nice pool and attractive young men in hot pants serving me cocktails.