Thursday, May 15, 2008

In his Press Conference today, Gordon Brown said

any new social care system must respond to the reality of increasing longevity, and provide fairness for those who work hard and save for their retirement.

The old one was quite good until you came along and stole people's retirement from them, you selfish bastard.
The PM said he fully understood people's anxieties and wanted them to be able to save for old age "in a way which insures them and protects their houses and their inheritance".

Why would anyone trust that their pension scheme is safe when you are supposed to be in charge of the country? People don't easily forget that you are a money grabbing tax fiend whose actions have seen thousands of people who should have retired by now still working or doing menial jobs just to keep afloat.

And as for protecting their houses and inheritance, it was your party who started robbing mourners of what was rightfully theirs by your death taxes, which were nothing more than a way of getting back at the people your lot are so jealous of. If you really wanted to help people protect what's theirs you should take a look at the UK Independence Party's policy on IHT: getting rid of it. It only raises about £3bn a year which is what you lot spend finding things you've lost, it's inefficient and it's triple taxation.

Stop talking shite or fuck off you hypocrite!

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BenefitScroungingScum said...

I love the way Brown always neglects to mention it's the same system refusing and rationing care to disabled/chronically ill people - which of course would have no impact on those same people he's trying to chuck off benefits and into the workplace. Bendy Girl