Sunday, May 25, 2008

UKIP watch left a comment (well two, but they were the same thing) which I didn't allow because they decided they knew who I was. They did, however, leave a subtle message which was that they couldn't read.

This is why i fucking hate socialists. They took my post on the actions going on in Italy with regards to the Roma and decided to tell me that I was racist because I was endorsing it!

No, cheekychops, have another go. I simply informed people that EU law was superior to national law and that you federalists who hate democracy are happy that policies a party was elected on can be overruled by the unelected EU.

I now ask The Devil and Mr E to come up with a suitable punishment for Archbishop Corbett and his followers for not only this display of ignorance, but for holding liberty and democracy in such contempt.

Fire away (she writes, dreaming...)

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