Friday, May 30, 2008

Corbett: harness the hagfish

From Cuntbett's website:

Farage flatters himself that he and the pipsqueek remanents of UKIP are my target

This from a man who sat there in the committee and said that the only people who would be affected would be the Ind Dem group of which Nigel Farage is co president. And he wonders why there are people saying this was to target UKIP. From a man who published a phamplet containing a load of bollocks called 'the truth about UKIP' or some such shite and who probably wakes up in the middle of the night thinking, 'I'e got something else to write on UKIPwatch!!!'

Listen, Corbett, you might have managed to convince yourself on this one but we simply don't believe you because we know that you are a fanatical euro federalist who wants to sell this country down the river and have us all one country. Presumably this is because you can't actually get a proper job, and certainly wouldn't be elected in a directly elected contest, even by your Labour colleagues. You were the rapporteur on the EU constitution and on the Lisbon Treaty. You spend your time writing new laws to further undermine accountability and democracy and don't even live in the country you are paid to represent.

Also, next time you decide to try to defame me, don't just walk past me like you haven't done anything wrong. I am a bitch and I am vindictive.

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