Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I think it's fair to say that I hate politicians more now than when I started working in politics. I also have a deep loathing for people in the mainstream media as they encourage 'our rulers' in their behaviour.

But now my hate has developed into an all consuming anger which is eating away at me. I can't watch the news any more as I want to shoot the TV. Last time I read a paper I ripped it up and jumped up and down on it screaming 'liars!!!' and I certainly can't bring myself to watch the goings on in Parliament; the real Parliament in Strasbourg or the admin centre in Westminster.

I had another e-mail from my father pointing me in the direction of a story on the Beeb about some cunt at some council painting lines around a car. He points out that yellow lines to stop parking used to be there to safety reasons. Now, they are just another way of squeezing the tax payer dry, particularly the motorist whom the government hate.

I have also been discussing the next General Election and that also makes my heart sink. You see, for some reason people think that a Tory government will be any different from this one. I grant you, there are a fair amount of people who know that they are as bad as Labour, but their view is that at least they won't actually be Labour. Because especially with the Lisbon Treaty, what can the government in Westminster actually do? Those of you watching the debate on the Treaty in the House of Lords will know that the government are unable to answer the simple question 'what area of our lives can the EU not legislate over?'. (Yes, there is a debate in the Lords. It's been happening for a couple of weeks and has had some startling admissions from the government and fantastic debate but no one has got round to telling the media this.)

On Monday, for example, Lord Owen, the man who started the SDP and quit Labour over their anti EU policy said that since the 1980s the politicians have been ignoring the views of the electorate over the EU and that in itself was anti democratic. And this from a former foreign secretary.

"We consistently move forward with greater European integration against the will of the British people. We can argue about particular opinion polls at particular times, but there is a steady opposition to what we are doing in Parliament, which has been going on, I would say, since the early 1980s, which is a long time for Parliament to be in opposition to sustained public opinion".—[Official Report, 19/5/08; cols. 1328-29.]

We were also told by the government why there was not going to be any reform of the CFP. Okay, it took some time, but this policy which is one of the world's biggest environmental disasters and has caused havok for the British fishing industry, all but killing it:
Lord Bach said:
I want to sit down because we have other important business to attend to. However, these are important matters, and the noble Lord, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, has been waiting a long time for what I am about to say. I am going to tell him who is on our side, or closer to our view, rather than those who are not, so he will have to work it out for himself. As well as us, at least eight other countries in the EU are what we now describe as reform-minded. They are: Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Malta. It is important to have allies in this important enterprise.

Which means that the reason we can't control our own fishing policy isn't because the British don't want to, it's because the French, Spanish, Italian, Irish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Austrian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Portuguese, Cypriot, Belgians, Luxembourgish, Hungarian and Polish don't want to. So that's nice.

Much more important to write about it some twat to superglued his knob to a fishing line or a dog which can do its times tables. Fuck the future of our country: show me a budgie that knows all the words to 'whistle down the wind' and I'll be set for life!

A recent conversation with a political observer left me depressed and wondering why there are so many people out there who like to encourage politicians to behave in such a vile manner. She said to me that the threat of the EU wasn't there anymore. This was said in all seriousness by someone who had only a few weeks ago been writing about how appalling it was that we as a country were not able to have a referendum on the EU Constitution. Think how often it was in the papers and on the news. People knew about it and were talking about it and the journalists were outraged. We wanted a referendum! But now one part of the ratification process has gone through the Commons they've forgotten that. They'll let them get away with lying, they won't choose to remind people that they have handed away another chunk of our country to the unelected European Commission even though no government is supposed to bind its successor.

It really is no wonder politicians lie when they are allowed to get away with it time and time again. But then, how can we expect them to change if we offer no incentive to do so? Like shoot them when they tell a lie. That would work with some of them, I suppose, but ones like Brown and Mad Nad are such pathological liars that they'd be dead within a few seconds of opening their mouths. Now, there's a thought....


Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm right with you on this one. My daughter has taken to leaving the room when the news comes on, she can't stand my screaming at the TV any more. I've never been closer to actually, physically throwing something at the television out of sheer rage.

We need a national upchuck ... this can't go on.

haddock said...

All the bloody nonsense imposed on the working man by the government and the EU will come back to bite their arses.... they will lose Crewe not because of Global Warming, the economy or 10% tax but because the working man and woman is totally pissed off with being told what they may or may not do. the smoking ban will cost few votes among the champagne socialist Londonocentric Nulab but shitloads among what was once their core vote out in the real world. The bin snooping will cost them even more among the middle class

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I told a friend that I would not vote in any general election, at least for one of the main three parties though I may vote for anything else not excluding the Monster Ravers.
We have a very corrupt political class of immense proportions, all with a complete absence of any financial respect for the tax payer. It is clear that this political class has gained mastery of the whole of the peoples of Europe, but nowhere more than in Britain. The relentless way that the House of Commons handed over our independent nation to the EU in the face of every opposition from those who elected them, is mind numbing and inspires panic.

Anonymous said...

When the circus leaves town it will be business as usual in Crewe and Nantwich. Once the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by those arseholes in Westminster they might as well go home and do something more useful, like picking their nose whilst riding a rocking horse.

Trooper Thompson said...

"my hate has developed into an all consuming anger which is eating away at me"

This is a normal, sane response, and you are not alone.

My advice is to dump the telly.