Monday, May 05, 2008

Back to the grindstone

After a lovely few days I come back to the news and find that nothing has changed in politics world. Gordon Brown is still a cunt, the Tories are basically still centre left and MPs are still stabbing each other in the back.

Today's prize for 'person you'd least like to have as a colleague' goes to Tony Lloyd MP who says:

the only MPs who wanted to depose the leader were "malicious" or had "personality defects"

You should know, eh, Tone?

Brown has decided he's going to do something to turn around this disastrous phase in Labour's life. Alas, it doesn't involve retiring or getting someone who has studied economics to make his policies for him which is a pity, but there we go.

Instead, he's going to tinker around with the exterior:
The Prime Minister could veto plans for a national pay-as-you-throw bin scheme and scrap a deeply unpopular 2p rise in fuel duty in a bid to woo back disaffected voters.

There is also speculation that he will act to keep food costs down, as well as introducing help for home-owners threatened with repossession and an extension of shared equity schemes for first-time buyers.

Don't buck the market, Mr Brown. I have a feeling that the downturn in house prices is coming about because the market is overvalued and houses are trying to find the equilibrium. That means that people like me might actually be able to afford a house without joining one of your communist 'key worker' schemes. And as for keeping food prices down, what are you going to do? Abandon the ridiculous EU bio fuels policy and stick two fingers up to the CAP?

Unlikely. You'll just dither around and we'll have more fucking posturing but nothing fundamental will change. No, how could it when at the centre is a hard line authoritarian socialist fuckwit with a power fantasy?

Honestly. Was it worth coming back, I ask myself.


Mr Eugenides said...

No, you should have stayed...

Anonymous said...

Cheer yourself up and buy some shoes.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the next Brown relaunch, after a review, of course!

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ooh, er missus!

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives aren't centre-left, what a ridiculous statement! Have you read any of their proposals on pupil premiums in education, welfare reform, decentralising the NHS...

Lil Jimmy said...

How was Mr. E, Trixy? Did the earth move?

Trixy said...

I had a very enjoyable weekend, thank you. I am impressed with the dexterity of Mr E, linguistic and otherwise.