Friday, May 16, 2008

Never forget who our real masters are

I have been sent an e-mail from an MEP assistant in Brussels who writes about the action Italy are taking against illegal immigrants. From the Mail:

Hundreds of illegal immigrants were arrested in a nationwide roundup in Italy yesterday, with dozens immediately deported.

The operation followed rising anxiety in Italy over the scale of illegal immigration, with tempers flaring in Naples where vigilantes set alight a Roma gipsy camp.

Silvio Berlusconi was elected to a third term as prime minister last week after promising to crack down on illegal immigrants who are blamed by many Italians for a rising crime rate.

Burlusconi was elected by the Italian people with that manifesto pledge.

Dear MEPs especially Italian,

I kindly ask your attention to the happenings in Italy today.

Number of Roma camps have been burned down as a serious case of persecution against the Roma. The Roma NGO representatives from Italy have been calling me to report about cases where even access of Roma to public services is not allowed in this hours of Anti Roma hysteria in Italy.

They then go on to say that the whole thing was staged, even though the main issue started when someone from Romania murdered and raped an Italian woman.
What is happening here in Italy after the elections is SCARY!! Seeing the TV images of yesterday's pogrom
in Naples reminds of 1933-35 in Germany. We are all becoming a bit nervous, not to say scared!!!

Don't forget, you are allowed to compare right wing people people who like direct democracy 'Nazis' but you can't call someone who, for example, likes to have dictatorial presidential powers anything vaguely like that.

But, always leave the best 'til last:
I also hope the Slovenian Presidency will find some courage to tell the Italian Government that Anti-Romani actions are forbidden to take place in the EU.

Which I think translates to 'I don't care if this was a manifesto promise you voted for, the Soviet State of the EU don't like it and so we will make you stop and remind you of who really controls the country.

And yet people think staying in the EU is a good idea...


Letters From A Tory said...

Yet again, national sovereignty and a desire to protect their own citizens is washed away by the EU.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Good for the Italians, is all I can say.