Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Polly: why is she still employed?

I for one can't believe that someone pays her to write this god-awful shite, not to mention the glaring inaccuracies:

Victory will stifle Tory Euro-frenzy, letting Cameron escape his mad pledge to take Conservative MEPs out of the mainstream EPP into a little ragbag of neo-fascist stragglers. Where Cameron sees obstacles he will deftly side-step them, for the Conservatives are no longer the stupid party. Watch them win the Crewe and Nantwich byelection, easy.

For your information, Pol, the EPP is lead by Joseph Daul:
Joseph Daul, who was elected on Tuesday by the centre-right European People's party, is part of an inquiry into the diversion of €16m (£10.6m) of agricultural money in the 1990s that has also ensnared three former agriculture ministers. The eurosceptic UK Independence party unearthed the allegations yesterday.

Whereas the ragbags you speak of, you hateful, bile filled spiteful harridan, are people who risk their salaries to campaign for what the voters elected them to do. You know, like campaign for a referendum and unearth what is really going on in the EU? Campaign to stop the tide of directives from an unelected Commission and to bring about some kind of accountablility until the day we can, I hope to sweet Jesus and all his lovely sandals, leave this monstrous organisation.

But since the EU is a socialist wank fest you'll love it, Pol. Bet you wish you were an MEP so you can splash around in it all to your hearts content.


Anonymous said...

"But since the EU is a socialist wank fest you'll love it, Pol."
Love it!

Rob F said...

Nice one, Trixy!

Hey, you're getting to be even more scathing about the left than Mr Eugenides (and I won't even ask about that trip, I promise!).

Anyway, great post...

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I can see that Mr E. is rubbing off on you.