Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Batshit approves of criminals in positions of authority

Some weeks ago I wrote a letter to Batshit asking him if, as Foreign Secretary, he approved of the appointment to the position of EU Justice Commissioner going to Jacques Barrot, who as we know was given an eight month suspended sentence for embezzlement.

Well today I received my answer:

Dear Trixy,

Thank you for your email of 7 May to the Foreign Secretary about the appointment of Commissioner Jacques Barrot. I am replying as Desk Officer responsible for the European Commission.

The issue you raised was fully discussed in the European Parliament at the time of Mr Barrot's appointment in 2004 as Commissioner for Transport. The European Parliament Legal Service concluded at the time, in their opinion of 25 November 2004, that there were no grounds to oppose Mr Barrot’s appointment.

We are confident that Mr Barrot will make a valuable contribution in his new role as Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security, and we look forward to working with him over the coming months.

Considering that the story was unknown by Euro MPs, even group leaders like Toady Watson, I can't imagine that the legal committee was too aware, and that they only approved the decision as it would make them look stupid and in the EU it's a case of all of them or none of them and a new lot instead.

But, whilst trying to avoid answering the question, he does say that the UK are happy for Barrot to hold this position. We look forward to seeing Ian Huntley as Minister for Children, Jeffrey Archer as Chancellor of the Exchequer and David Blunkett as Minister for women's affairs.


Goodnight Vienna said...

You're not alone Trixie. Don't give up because, UKIP or not, we need a decent government to represent our views and fight our battles instead of the fuckwits who ignore us. We have to clear the lot out and hold the Tories to account on the EU BEFORE any GE.

Anonymous said...

EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes and David Miliband agreed in a done deal that 2,500 Post Offices will close to allow subsidies to continue until 2011.

Curly said...

Nice work Trixie.