Monday, October 29, 2007

I have found

The second face of the majority of our politicians...

This is especially true of anyone who says that they are going to do something about immigration whilst remaining in the EU.
Take the man of the moment, Mr Cameron:

Conservative leader David Cameron today pledged to cut net immigration into the UK, warning that the current rate of arrivals was placing an "unsustainable" pressure on the country's public services and infrastructure...Mr Cameron also urged ministers to commit the Government to "transitional arrangements", similar to those operated in relation to Romania and Bulgaria, which would limit the right of nationals of any future EU entrants to work in the UK. This could apply to countries currently in the queue for EU membership including Croatia, Macedonia and 70 million-strong Turkey.

Asked how much immigration from outside the EU should be reduced by, he said "substantially".

He would not set a quota today, however, saying that that would be made on the basis of advice from a new body comprising the Migration Advisory Council and the Migration Impact Forum.

As I have written again and again and again if you are part of the EU you are going to have a pretty tough time trying to do anything about immigration, especially from the EU.

As we have seen when the Government restricted migrant workers for Bulgaria and Romania, it is nothing but a sham, because anyone from within the EU has a three month right of entry and movement and we cannot not let them in if they are self employed. (I didn't want to link to that because it quotes the Tories, but that just shows you what they're bloody like. argh.)

What we need to do is to get British people of the arses and into work. No work, no cash. You want children, then save up and get a fucking job. It's a lifestyle choice to have children, and I'd rather not pay for arseholes like this waste of oxygen.

Why should we be propping these people up? I don't particularly blame people for employing hard working people from Eastern Europe, but I do have an issue when I pay to much tax to prop up a social security system more obese than Nicholas Soames

It seems to me that we are paying money to just the wrong sort of people and now in Britain we have bred an underclass. People who don't go to school, who will never have a job, who go on about 'their rights' and who the police don't seem to put in the stocks after they have committed a crime. People who think that they have a right to get money from the rest of us without actually doing anything.

But what will this government actually do? Fuck all. Why should they? People vote them back into power even when they are trying to turn this country back into a poverty stricken arctic wasteland. The lib Dems probably think that this evil old wit ch should go to the Court of Human Rights and win, and they aren't going to do anything about immigration because they gang bang the EU Social Model daily before they start knitting their own sandals and the press don't seem to want to ask any awkward questions.

I think I will actually give myself a heart attack before I'm 30 with all this anger and frustration...

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