Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Frilly knickers is at it again

When I heard the news this morning that MPs had actually made a sensible decision with regards to abortion, I fully anticipated squealing from a certain corner. And I was right.

I'm not going to get involved with this whole 'foetal pain' and 'survival rates' debate because, although I am an opinionated little madam, I'm not actually a doctor. However, I would like to register my slight disagreement with Ms Dorries over the two last sections in her minority report:

Abortion On Demand

This report has concluded that abortion in the first trimester is safer than normal childbirth and on that basis is pushing for abortion on request. However, if you take into account the long term health effects of abortion, particularly with respect to pre-term deliveries and mental health, this conclusion is at best questionable.

You see, frilly knickers, that's just your biased point of view and your desire to tell other people how to live their lives coming out there, I think. Given that lots of women have had abortions and carried on their lives without doing stupid things like stealing babies from parks or, I don't know, standing for Parliament, I don't see how it's 'questionable'. Given the choice between an unwanted child or a medical procedure which, if done at an early stage, is less time consuming than some blood tests I've had, I would argue that having an abortion is going to be better for the woman's mental health. Really.

Medical Abortions

All medical abortions should be supervised with adequate pain relief, professional reassurance and access to expert medical help, particularly in the case of very young women and teenagers. The Chairman’s report takes no account in its recommendations of the practicality and reality of medical abortions, and the impact that asking a sixteen year old to dispose of her aborted baby would have on her.

Oh dear God woman, did you come down in the last shower, or do you think that we fucking did? If you have an early medical abortion (which has to be under 10 weeks and is a course of tablets which induce a miscarriage) you don't suddenly drop a full size dead baby out of your Mrs Mimsy. It's like a fucking period. A fairly long one, admittedly, but at such an early stage literally all there is of the pregnancy is a lot of womb lining and a little sack with a few cells in. Do you really think that doctors would chuck a couple of tablets at a teenager and tell her to bugger off and let her pick up bits of arms and legs of a foetus? Argh! You're so fucking one sided and biased you aren't even coming out with rational arguments.

Now, I am rabidly pro choice and the decisions that doctors have taken today that a woman does not need two doctors to agree to her having an abortion is a bloody good one. But if you came out with some proper facts that would imply the current law is wrong, I would at least listen and consider. You don't seem to even be capable of that. You just want to impose your dogma and doctrine on everyone else whilst refusing to see their point of view.

89% of abortions are carried out at under 13 weeks gestation. 68% at under ten weeks and 30% of those are medical abortions. At this stage, there is no 'baby' but there is a woman, and the age group on which most abortions in 2006 were carried out was 19. So there are a lot of young women who don't really want to be pregnant and would like to have a quick, simple procedure with minimal fuss so they can get on with their lives. Why should they have to pretend to doctors that they are mad or the baby is going to kill them to get a procedure which is available? Why should they need the approval of two doctors when you don't for far more risk decision?

Women should not be made to feel like they are doing something bad and evil because they are putting their happiness first. And ignorant people like Ms Dorries doesn't seem to understand that. Well, she should. Because those women who are having abortions are the same people whose taxes go to pay her wages and her expenses and her bloody tedious blog. So, up yours.

Yes, I have. Which makes me more qualified to talk on the practicalities of it than some pompous priggish politician

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