Monday, October 22, 2007

The Mind Boggles...

I went to Lisbon and saw the Prime Minister. This Reform Treaty isn't the same as the Constitution, dontcaknow? Oh no, they've taken out reference to the flag and the anthem, even though the flag has been flying outside embassies, hotels and councils for years and years.

I felt sick sitting only a few feet away from the thing and watching him lie. Because that's what he did. There he is, getting paid from my taxes and he can't even have the decency to tell me the truth about how the country I live in will be governed.

Answer me this then, Gordon. If this Treaty is in the British interest, then why do we need protecting from it? If our "Red Lines" are so secure then why do a group of your own colleagues not believe you and why does the Foreign Secretary seem unable to answer a question with a straight answer on the topic?

And why did all the journalists just sit there and not bother to ask any sensible questions or really get him squirming? The man is lying to us about the future of our country; about the very democratic accountability, about who is in charge of our armed forces, our police forces, the budget rebate which is being removed next year and was one of the red lines before Tony Blair gave it up in exchange for the President of the EU, allegedly.

The EU gets legal personality and Britain has to give up her seat on the UN Security Council and all Bob Roberts of the Mirror can ask is if the Prime Minister has spoken to Mr Socrates about Madeleine McGann, and someone else asked if Nelson Mandela was going to the rugby.

At another press conference, UKIP MEP Graham Booth decided he'd had enough of staged press conferences:

Mr Booth, MEP for the South West Counties, was in Lisbon as part of the Ind/Dem Group in the European Parliament and attended a Press Conference given by Prime Minister.

Infuriated by the lack of what he thought should be proper press questions, and waving a copy of the treaty, Mr Booth challenged the Mr Brown to answer the charge that by signing the treaty he would be committing the UK to join the euro common currency.

Mr Booth said: “This treaty that you have just signed states that the currency of all member states will be the euro. You’ve always said that if it were a question of joining the euro, you would submit it to the approval of the British people. Indeed, you confirmed that at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday before you left.”

Some back bench Tories are having a rebellion because Mr Hague said he wouldn't definitely repeal the Treaty if the Tories got into power:

Mr William Cash
Mr John Redwood
Mr Michael Ancram
Mr Christopher Chope
Mr John Whittingdale
Mr Edward Leigh

* 41

Mike Penning

That this House notes that the impartial European Scrutiny Committee concluded that the Reform Treaty is substantially equivalent to the original Constitutional Treaty; that the Government Manifesto promised a Referendum on the original treaty; that the Conservative Party voted against it in principle on the Second Reading of the Bill implementing that Treaty; that the Prime Minister said that he will reject the Reform Treaty if the Government's Red Lines are not guaranteed on 18th October, but (following the European Scrutiny Committee examination of the Foreign Secretary on 16th October) that these Red Lines do not satisfy UK vital national interests and that the European Court of Justice will determine these matters, not this House; that, contrary to the statements of the Foreign Secretary, parliamentary democracy is enhanced when this House, as the Labour Government in 1975, hands back a Referendum by Act of Parliament to the voters who elect Members of this House; that 27 million voters have been denied a Referendum on any European Question since 1975; that over 70 per cent. of the voters want a Referendum but that the reasons have to be fully explained; that the Reform Treaty is a consolidation of the existing treaties into a merger of the European Community into a European Union involving substantial, fundamental, constitutional and structural change by the Government's own criteria for a Referendum; and insists that the Prime Minister rejects the Reform Treaty on 18th October and holds a Referendum before or after ratification.

Hands up who thinks we'll get a referendum, or if these wankers in Westminster will bulldoze it through as they care about no one but themselves.

And yet people will still vote Labour next time round. They've taxed you to high heaven, gone back on manifesto pledges and handed over a country which isn't theirs to give, raided your pensions, hospitals are filthy, children aren't being taught in schools and the police are spending more time filling in forms than they are catching criminals. Immigration is out of control, violent crimes have gone up and people will still vote again for these people thinking they should be in charge of the country.

Fucking hell...

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