Thursday, October 04, 2007

poll results just in

My spies tell me that an ICM poll appearing tomorrow in the Guardian shows Labour's lead down to 1%, with others such as yes gov saying 4%.

Clearly, the excellent performance by Cameron (even though his speech had little substance and clearly was practised again and again - but credit where credit is due) has won over the swing voters. I wonder, giving these results, if Gordon will be so keen to call a snap election. Does someone who has spent his whole life waiting to be Prime Minister want to risk it so early on? I wouldn't. But then, I'm not a one eyed, two faced morally perfect, economically retarded knob.

Anyway, I hope there isn't an election. Give us a referendum instead, you selfish fucker. Let us have a choice over something that matters, rather than the last 25% of how we're governed...

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Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Now Trixy, you know very well there'll be no referendum.