Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some advice

It's not just shoes Ol' Trixy is good at. I also have a knack for all things accessories, which is why I have a huge collection of scarves, gloves, hats and jewellery designed to brighten up and update any outfit.

So I thought I would pass on some of my knowledge and experience on to you, my readers, in case you fell foul of a particularly nasty trick the fashion world is playing on you chaps.

I walked past Zara yesterday and the male mannequin was wearing a flat cap. They are selling flat caps, implying that if you want to be trendy, you should get one.

My advice: don't.

That is all.


Big Chip Dale said...

Alas, 24 hours too late. I bought one. And I must say, I look very dapper.

Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Oooh, Trixy, I just ahve to check you out, decked out in your livery.