Monday, October 01, 2007

The thought police are here

From Eliab, I hear an astonishing tale of the thought police in Blackpool where they have a Tory controlled council for the first time in 20 years...

3.9.3 Smoking
The licensing authority recognises that premises licence holders who do not comply with the prohibition on smoking in enclosed public places will be dealt with under the relevant legislation, and ordinarily will not be brought to its attention through the review process. Premises licence holders however, who persistently fail to comply with the legislation, and/or positively promote non-compliance should be brought before the panel on review and can expect that suspension or revocation of the licence would be the normal course of action.

Er, hello? Since when did not liking a law mean that you are breaking the law? I am in UKIP and I oppose the 1972 European Communities Act and the Maastricy Treaty, does that mean I am guilty of something?
As Eliab says:
id the people of Blackpool realise that they voted for a man whose political compass points to a Mugabean regard for the rule of Law? When the Tories rock up in Blackpool next week, will they feel just a little ashamed? I doubt it.

Let's all write to the fat fuck who wrote this piece of draconian, anti-democratic shit at



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OT but you don't give an email address.

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Yes I do...