Thursday, October 25, 2007

MEPs to the rescue!

The MEPs have been busy little bees today! They have been doing all sorts of work, like voting for €14,400,000 for a European Agency for monitoring Health and Safety at work, so an agency full of busybodies to monitor other busybodies.

They have also given the green light to a €234 million compensation budget to get farmers to squish citrus fruits instead of doing something else with them like, er, electing them to the European Parliament? And not to be outdone on the fruit front, they have also given the nod to makers of ketchup and tomato puree for €280 million for the production of tomato processed products.

Nothing is too small to be beneath their notice! No vegetable too obscure, no law to invasive, no amount too large to take away from tax payers to fund their petty scheme.

A propaganda fund to 'educate' journalists? Here you go, have a few million! Have you suffered with the problem of stigmatising people whose business have failed? Then vote for a €2,500,000 programme to reeducate people like you and end that social stigma which those with failed businesses may suffer from. You don't think you need to go on a training course or have your children educated in this latest idea? You're wrong! Go to the EU brainwashing re educating camp.

If you're a Liberal Democrat MEP like Bill Newton Dunn you may want to ask for €250,000 to fund a study to discover the obstacles to the creation of a federal police force in the European Union. Oh, silly me. He's already done that. But being a Lib Dem, I am sure that he will tell any Eurosceptic members of the East Midlands that he is all in favour of retaining sovereignty for the UK, because that's what Lib Dems do when they go canvassing. I know, I've been on the receiving end of it.

So, whilst our tax burden is going up and up, and the growth forecasts for the economy are going down, whilst hospitals are not being cleaned properly and we don't have any spare maternity beds in London, whilst prisoners are being released early because there aren't enough spaces in prisons, and then they go off to reoffend, be assured that your Europhile Members of the European Parliament are throwing your money down the drain.

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Amaze your foes.

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