Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10 people

Well, none of you people of questionable parentage tagged me, but I am going to do my list of 10 people I would like to hit in the mouth with a brick. I am going to try avoid the ones who have already been done, because I feel we must share the brick love.

10. Richard Corbett. I hate him but he's such an irrelevance he can't be any higher on the list. The man who still insists that the EU is the best thing ever, who helped to get the Constitution through the European Parliament, who writes letters insulting people for wanting a referendum and who probably only gets off if he thinks about plenary voting sessions or committee meetings. Also doesn't even live in Britain, let alone the constituency he is supposed to represent. Wears cheap suits and shoes that squeak.

9. Nadine Dorries. This is a tricky one, because actually what I need to do is to break the brick up and smash one bit in her mouth and then one bit each for the hands, because it's her writing which really annoys me. Or I could use three bricks? Nah, that's a bit of a waste. But my reason for really wanting to smash her with a brick is for her self-serving, sanctimonious and thoroughly illiberal views on abortion.

8. shortly followed by anyone who has anything to do with for being nasty, lying bullies.

7. Stuart Dickinson. Because it was a try.

6.Simon Kelner for editing a bloody awful newspaper which is obsessed with treating theories as facts and who thought it would be a jolly good idea to put a Foreign Office briefing on the front page of his newspaper in almost verbatim reprinting.

5. Alan Rusbridger. He pays Polly Toynbee and lets her drivel be read by millions. He cannot contemplate that cutting taxes, grammar schools and leaving the EU are plausible options in modern Britain (even though he himself went to an Independent school) and because he has engineered the departure from the Observer of Roger Alton because, in the words of Stephen Glover,the paper "had the temerity to think for itself."

4.Ashley Mote MEP. He's a fraud and a crook and yet he only got 9 months in prison, meaning the UK Independence Party don't get their seat back (he was elected on a UKIP ticket but lied on his forms and only told his wife he was facing charges the night he was elected.) He also spends tax payers money trying to avoid facing trial, including going to EU courts when he is supposed to despise them. Lectures about fraud in EU and yet was convicted of 21 counts including fraud.

3.Gillian McKeith. What do you shit, you turd-mining old killjoy, determined to sap the joy out of every living thing? Lavender sachets?

2. David Cameron. Because he deceives people into thinking he's eurosceptic, he can't be trusted and he says thinks he can't do just to win votes. Typical politician, but one of the only high profile ones who hasn't been mentioned.

1. Neil Kinnock. Just. Can't. Cope. With. The. Mendacious. Cunt. He'd probably see this and then get all his tax payer funded lawyers to sue me for libel, because he is mega wealthy, puts homes etc. in the names of his family and then sues people for saying he is worth x amount, he was hideous and vile to Marta Andreasen who was only trying to do her job and therefore by implication approves of fraud in the EU. Sued my friend for telling the truth.

So there. ner.


Fidothedog said...

A good list but no TK? I would have thought the Jock Che fan would have deserved a brick to the face?

Trixy said...

I'm a girl, ergo I can't throw that far... ;)