Monday, October 29, 2007

Foreign Secretary or American Actress?

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has adopted a second son, his office announced today.

Mr Miliband and his violinist wife Louise are already the adoptive parents of two-year-old Isaac, who was born in the US in December 2004.

The Foreign Secretary will now take some time off to help look after the couple's new adopted son, Jacob.

Following the announcement, he pulled out of an engagement this morning with Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud to launch the "Two Kingdoms" conference.

Mr Miliband was replaced by Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells.

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Secretary would not give any further details about where his second child is from.

In a statement, his office said: "David and Louise Miliband are pleased to announce the adoption of their second son, Jacob.

"They are delighted by the new arrival and Mr Miliband will now be taking a period of leave.

"They ask the media to respect their privacy during this time."

Hmmm. Our foreign secretary appears to be doing an 'Angelina Jolie'. One in every colour, I wonder? Are we next to be seeing him in 'Heat' magazine suffering from an eating disorder?

Maybe I'm just being mean and biased. I do hate the cunt, after all.

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