Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A damp rag, and other stories - updated

Nigel Farage admits that his statement which has caused some rumpus around Europe wasn't what he originally was going to say. But he sat there in Brussels, listening to Rumpy Pumpy blather on about untold amounts of bullshit all whilst earning a completely unjustified salary and just thought he'd tell it how he saw it.

He was later attacked by Martin Schultz, a German Socialist who previously has called Farage a fascist for demanding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Slightly twisted logic you'll grant, but then he is a socialist and therefore completely devoid in sense or reason.

It's not that the EU doesn't understand democracy: they do but they just don't care because most people are more interested in Cheryl Cole's marital status than they are their own liberty. The reason they crack on with their beloved project is because there are very few people trying to stop them. Brown, Cameron and Clegg all gang bang the EU social model and most newspapers in Britain try to deny the existence of UKIP. Even Melanie Phillips promotes the BNP rather than pretend there's a non racist approach to immigration control.

It's been a long time since I've seen a speech from an MEP make it onto the 10 o clock news. There are matters more important than the bun fight which is Westminster happening every month but it would take more effort than they require to give for our beloved 4th estate to monitor properly.

The Full Speech!


The Minstrel Boy said...

Did you see BBC question time last night (Thursday 25th Feb.), with Nigel Farage on the panel. Most of the programme was aimed at ridiculeing Nigel over his attack on Rumuy in the EU parliament. It reminded me of the show which had Nick Griffin on. The audience and panel was obviously hand picked by the BBC to be largely pro-labour and pro-EU. It certainly was not an average cross section of the people of Britain. Nigel was attacked on all fronts and accused of bullying, racism, electioneering and causing sensational confrontations as a publicity stunt to gain press coverage. He was set up by the loony leftist pro-EU BBC (in my opinion) in revenge for telling the truth about Rumpy Pumpy in front of the EU parliament. So much for BBC impartiality!
I have noticed recently that the BBC are hand picking people to appear on most of their programmes which involve the general public. Take gameshows for example. shows like the national lottery game 'In it to win it'. Week after week there is the same politically correct formula they use. There will be five contestants, one will be a retired person, one will be a student, one will be from an ethnic minority background (black or Asian), ond the other two will be working people, one in unskilled work and one in a professional or managerial position. This template does not vary very much at all and is applied to other BBC programmes. Question Time is slightly different as the audience is hand picked from those that apply to get across the message or ideas they think we all should be complying with. It's like the old saying, Keep repeating an idea or lie long enough and people will start to believe it. Bring on the election and I'll show them what I believe! My motto for the forthcoming election comes from a line in the song of my blogname 'The Minstrel Boy'.
'My sword at least, my rights shall guard'.

Trixy said...

I was in a barely controlled rage and have complained to the BBC. It was like it used to be ten years ago and the BBC and the producer should be embarrassed of their actions.

They ask the audience their voting intentions when people apply to go on there. Last week eight UKIP supporters were denied a ticket for the show. I got a ticket for a show once when I told them I thought the Iraq war was illegal. Funny, that.

The audience and panel were bullies themselves but how anyone could think that Nigel bullied Rumpy Pumpy when he had one and a half minutes to speak and R-P had 13 AND a right of reply is a joke.

As for Martin Schulz, he is a vile human being who hates democracy. He has called Nigel so many names under the sun, including likening him to a Nazi (oh, the irony: Schulz is a fascist German) but of course this is permitted because he's in favour of the European Union and ever increasing union.

We simply have to leave.

The Minstrel Boy said...

I agree, we must get out! I am going to do my utmost to enlighten as many people as possible to the truth about our main political parties and the EU in the run up to the election. I am trying to link up as many anti EU websites and bloggers by leaving messages and links to each others websites in comments and forums etc. to build a network of many sites. In the words of William Wallace, 'we must unite the clans!' and all put any differences aside which each website may have. Large or small, to take Britain back from the EU.
I have a link to this site on my website and forum blogpage.
The address is here.