Saturday, February 20, 2010


I went to the pictures last night to see Wolfman, mainly because Gay friend wants Emily Blunt to be his wife in his straight fantasy world. It's not my normal choice of film: bonnets and heaving bosoms or war films, but it did have the occasional nice frock.

The thing with this werewolf, though, was that it didn't look like a wolf at all.


Wolfman 2010

See: wolfman doesn't have that wolf like face. In fact, he looks like quite a different character

Now, hands up: who would rather have Bungle in charge instead of Gordon Brown?

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The Minstrel Boy said...

What?! I thought they were the same person!
That gives me an idea for Labour's election slogan.

What recession?
'Paint the whole world with a rainbow!'

I'm still not voting for them. I'd rather vote for the Muppets.