Sunday, February 14, 2010

Britblog Roundup - Happy Pancake Day

Welcome aboard Britblog flight 260 bound for Greece, the only subject I've been following whilst I've been away from it all on hols.

Luckily, to avoid you all having to read about how I hate the Euro (cruel as it might sound, am rather enjoying watching this monetary breakdown) I have a whole list of posts to point you in the direction of. Busy things you are: whilst I have been hurtling down mountains with bits of wood strapped to my feet, some people have actually been writing and thinking beyond the firm buttocks of the ski instructor in front.

And it's just as well that others have been able to keep record of their finds in the blogosphere: for when it comes to my personal admin my strengths included integrity and doggedness but not record-keeping and office tidying and my "office is piled high with paper, fragments from over the years, tens of thousands of pieces of paper."

But enough of that, let is crack on with the goings on on t'interweb.
Natalie Bennett looks to the way her Grandmother used to live: 'green' living before such things were a lifestyle choice rather than a necessity pre mass consumption and credit cards.

What ever happened to Lady Billiana Harley?

Penny Red would like a good conversation instead of chocolate on Valentines Day. If there's a third option I'll go for that one: 400 calories an hour, it burns. Or to put it in more realistic terms, 100 for 15 minutes.

The F Word isn't that impressed with Labour's efforts to win over the 'white working class' with their policy of grass on your neighbour. I presume this action is something to do with the fact the BNP won two seats in the European Elections which were previously held by Labour and there's a General Election coming up. I'm sure there are easier ways to deal with benefit cheats than pitching a community against each other.

The Daily (Maybe) comments on a jury finding Ali Dizaei guilty when he wrongfully arrested a man with whom he had a personal dispute. Personally I've no idea why there is a 'National Black Police Association'. Aren't they all part of the same organisation? Why would they seek to separate themselves and distinguish themselves as 'different' based on the colour of their skin?

Those of you in town may wish to visit this show or instead you could stand around on a red car with your mates. Or not. Stand on a fence post and see if I care.

Staying in town, ornamental passions points to the irony of the Royal Institute of British Architects residing in a really shit building.

Women, know your limits and have dinner on the table to let your husband know you've been thinking about him all day.

Moving onto politics and A Place to Stand considers what the Conservatives should do if we get a hung Parliament come the imminent General Election. Side with the Lib Dems is one option, the other is avoid it by getting some policies.

The excellent Bishop Hill has a number of items the panel chosen to investigate those CRU e-mails including this rather interesting nugget on the views of a couple of the chaps chosen to come up with a conclusion. You can hold your breath if you like, or you can let out a huge sight and blow the mounds of paper around Prof Jones's office.

Mark Reckons that the dislike of taxes leads to politicians bringing in rises through the back door. With both Labour and the Conservatives looking at raising VAT to 20% the so called regressive tax (which I don't agree with: if you buy more expensive things then you pay more tax so it all balances out in the end) look forward to being able to spend less of your own money until someone realises that tax cutting is a fiscal expansion. Or grows a pair and gets down to some public spending cuts.

In this global village, is the entire British economy a 'local' issue, asks To much to say for myself? Local MP Chloe Smith seems to think so.

Green Party candidate Gayle Donovan takes issue with detention for asylum seekers and those wishing to migrate to this country. Some locals are joining in a hunger strike which is being undertaken by detainees to complain at conditions.

Sticking with the concept of injustice, Harry's Place discusses more MPs expense scandals, this time involving their staff and alleged donations to their political parties.

A facebook group I've joined recently, because I know exactly how to let people know what I think and take a stand, is regarding the hypocrisy of Amnesty International for sacking Gita Sahgal after a Sunday Times article where she spoke out about her concerns. She felt Moazzam Begg, a Guantanamo Bay inmate, could damage Amnesty's reputation:

“To be appearing on platforms with Britain’s most famous supporter of the Taliban, whom we treat as a human rights defender, is a gross error of judgment.”

Speaking of gross errors of judgement, His Grace has made the mistake of juxtaposing 'dark recesses' and 'Harriet Harman' which is something of a body blow. Don't read that until you've digested your evening meal even if you find the fact that the Equality and Human Rights Commission has been subject to 15 employment tribunals quite amusing.

Charles Crawford details Tony Blair's decision to open the UK labour markets to A8 countries following EU accession in 2004 and how the Polish government did not believe him, straight from the horses mouth. It would have been nice, I think, if the policy on open borders hadn't been based on a German study of how many workers would migrate there.

Sticking, or rather not sticking, to Teflon Tony, Pajamas Media comments on Blair's defence of the illegal war in Iraq. And that's me being unbiased before anyone moans: I could have written a lot more.
And finally, thanks to Master Worstall for pointing those of us with a concern for the anatomy of Haridan Harperson towards this little snippet

She may not have a spine so winning 'Rear of the Year' may compensate in some way.

And if that doesn't then this gift suggestion by the lovable clown should do the trick...

Next week we're paying a visit to philobiblon which will be lovely.

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