Wednesday, February 03, 2010

inverted snobbery

Fuck off with your non RP accent.

I've got one, fucking live with it. I live in a nice part of town, I've worked fucking hard to get to where I am in my job and so fucking what if the post code I'm most familiar with is SW1.

If you have a problem with that I suggest you take that up with yourself. It's no reason for you to try to make me feel small, you pathetic people, because I don't happen to know all the areas around where I've just moved to. Why should I? I have time for that and right now I know how to cycle to work, I know how to cycle to the gym and I know how to get to my favourite lunch spots and night spots.

Everything else, I get a nice black cab for.

If you think that makes me some stuck up London bitch I suggest you take your patronising, jealous, smug little ugly face and shove it up your arse. Fuck off.

I live by my rules and not yours, you desperate wanna be social climber. It's not my fault you have a chip on your shoulder about your own background and your own accent: if you were enough of a person it wouldn't give a flying fuck.

The reason you don't get invited to the places you want to go to is because of your own attitude. Why would someone invite you somewhere if you have this hatred pinned to your clothing? It's like inviting me to a green party.

Of which, more to follow...


Anonymous said...

You speak for many of us, if not like many of them.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Someone upset you last night? Doesn't show ... (much)

Away With The Fairies said...

You lie! In your most reent post, you said you were on the bus.

Trixy said...

I had luggage. It's hard to transport on a racing bike.