Friday, February 26, 2010

Question Time: the fists are still clenched

I'm past expecting journalists to be informed and knowledgable about the EU because it really is a tremendous bore for them not just to have to monitor Westminster but about four organisations in Brussels and admit that most legislation comes from the EU and that there's no real different in voting Labour, Liberal Dem or Conservative especially now that the Lisbon Treaty has gone through.

But Question Time is still the main media output which is causing a rise in my blood pressure and I don't think I'll calm down any time soon because I don't like bias and manipulation.

Biased BBC, the experts on this, have summed up last night's reason for not paying the license fee beautifully.

Oh, and just a point: Wales loves the EU so much that one of its four MEPs is John Bufton who, incidentally, is from UKIP.

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