Saturday, June 14, 2008

three out of three ain't bad

Am back from Brussels after a day which could have been worse. Of course, it could have also been better. Yes, the Irish said NO. No, the Commission, European Council and national governments won't listen.

Gap year kid Miliband who was sitting in the House of Lords debate on a referendum the other night says we have to push ahead with a treaty which, if the Irish government stick to their constitution, has no legitimacy under EU law. But that won't stop them.

Cowley will be summoned on Thursday to explain why his country didn't appreciate that really, the correct answer to the question was yes.

I overheard TEBAF Margot being interviewed last night and she said the Irish voted no because the No campaign went around telling people that under Lisbon children would be locked up. Which is of course both wrong and ironic because in the Nice campaign irish voters were told if they didn't vote yes, then the children in Eastern Europe who were locked up wouldn't be freed.

This morning Nigel Farage was on his was to do an interview with Sky and saw the potential next president of the European Commission again. He said to her "another referendum result for you to ignore, Margot?". She, of course, has the answers to the 'problem' that only politicians who will get the same money for less work want the feckin' treaty. Can you guess what it is?

The EU are going to fix oil prices. Oh yes, they are. Margot says so. Margot, the woman who, if she was in a private business, would have been sacked for failing in her job.

She's not the only idiot, though. Irish MEP Marian Harkin said that the reason the Irish voted no was because the 'exceptionally well funded No campaign lied." That be the campaign that wasn't funded with huge amounts of public money, eh Marian? You complete spanner.


Grahnlaw said...

Can you accept that Ireland decides for itself and the rest of the EU members have the same right to expect respect for their decisions, taken according to their constitutional requirements?

Trixy said...

Honey, you don't appear to have grasped the basics of this. EU law is supreme to national law and EU law says it must be ratified by ALL 27 STATES.

Now, if people like you who consider Ireland to have voted incorrectly say that how cank 860,000 decide for the rest of the EU there's a simple answer: let us all decide. Let the people decide.

Except that would be awkward, wouldn't it.

Bill Quango MP said...

Ralf Grahn
You are an Eu law lecturer of course.
I like the line "taken according to their constitutional requirements?"

Of course you know full well that no other country permits a vote.

The solution you propose, let's not have a vote is of course really the problem.

Anonymous said...

The PM's name is Cowen. Cowley is a car factory on the outskirts of Oxford. You can't even get the basics right.

Trixy said...

I can fucking count, like the returning officer at Dublin Castle.

Let me guess, you think that the Lisbon Treaty should continue to be ratified, eh?